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April 17, 2014

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National Pro-Life Radio is an exciting new broadcast platform spotlighting everything that is taking place in the global movement to restore human dignity and respect for every human being on the planet. Programming at NPLR includes savvy talk hosts, insightful opinion leaders, comprehensive news coverage, information and education programs.

 Our hosts include award winning celebrities, civil rights leaders, physicians, award winning performers from film, stage and television, community activists, journalists and reporters, singers and dancers, and of course, the requisite members of the clergy.

 If you're used to rag-tag, red faced, artery-bulging, dower, frumpy dressed, angry, frustrated anti's, then you're in for a major culture shock at NPLR. You probably won't agree with everything you hear (and see) on NPLR - and we invite your opinion in fact, we long for it (even if it hurts!) but you won't go away without your own opinion about what it is to be "pro-life".

 If you care anything about individual human freedom, conscience, justice, dignity, about life itself then you can't afford to pass up NPLR. 
o pass up NPLR. Pro-Life, All the time!

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