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New Zealand Earthquake Victims

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April 19, 2014

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Life Ethic

Chaim likes to say that he is the "Schenck" of "Schenck V. Pro-Choice" the 1997 US Supreme Court decision that freed up the sidewalks for pro-life sidewalk counseling. He says that if you're pan handled nearby an ATM machine in Los Angeles; blame him (his case was used to knock down an anti-pan handling law there!).

He is a First Amendment crusader, a Catholic pastoral minister and former Protestant pastor who was raised Jewish and teaches Hebrew!

Paul Schenck is the Director of the National Pro-Life Action Center on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, located just 60 paces from the US Supreme Court's private entrance. His identical twin brother is Rev. Rob Schenck.

Check out Paul's commentaries on his Blog.

Life Ethic,  Dr. Schenck also appears on the Daily Life News  with Day Gardner.

Dr. Paul's Commentary on George Tiller's death

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